Registration for Chronic Medication Service

Who is eligible for the Chronic Medication Service?

The patient must be registered on a permanent basis with a GP in Scotland, have one or more long-term conditions that requires medication e.g. Diabetes, Asthma and CHD and consent to data-sharing between their GP and Community Pharmacy. Patients in care homes are not eligible for CMS.

Can a patient register with any community pharmacy for CMS?

Any patient who has a long term condition and is registered with a GP practice in Scotland can register with the community pharmacy of their choice.

Can a patient register with more than one pharmacy for CMS?

No, patients can only register with one pharmacy for CMS.

Does a patient have to register with the same pharmacy as they access MAS?

No, patients don’t have to register for the same pharmacy for MAS and CMS.

What are the rules around lapsing?

CMS registrations do not lapse.

How will a community pharmacist know if a patient is registered for CMS elsewhere?

A patient can only be registered with one pharmacy for CMS at any one time. If a patient tries to register with another pharmacy then the system will show the patient as already registered and the pharmacist will be asked if they wish to continue to register the patient. If they establish from the patient that they wish to move their registration from their current pharmacy then the pharmacist can proceed to register the patient. The Patient Registration System (PRS) will then withdraw the original registration and re-register them with the new pharmacy. The GP will be notified of the change.

How do I register a patient for Chronic Medication Service?

Registration for the Chronic Medication Service is underpinned by ePharmacy. Registration is similar to the Minor Ailment Service. Contractors should use the combined CP2/CP3 form and their PMR system to perform this function.

Care must be taken to ensure the patient understands that information will be shared with their GP.

Contractors must also take great care they remember to sign the registration form and complete the declarations on the reverse of the form fully.

When all the information is completed the pharmacist should detach the CP2 section leaving only the CP3 section to send to PSD.

How do I submit a completed CP3 form to PSD?

All CMS registration and withdrawal CP3 forms should be sent to PSD along with all other prescription forms.

As for MAS, the following information should be recorded on the exempt section of your GP34 form (PSD submission form).

You should count each CP3 as a form for example:

Scenario Form Item
One Registration 1 0
Ten registrations 10 0