Adjusted Prices

List of Adjusted Price Items updated Monday, August 14, 2017

Pack Size

Adjusted Prices

Amitriptyline Tabs 50mg 28 350
Betahistine Tabs 8mg 84 633
Betahistine Tabs 16mg 84 1195
Bumetanide Tabs 1mg 28 175
Buspirone Tabs 5mg 30 995
Celiprolol Tabs 400mg 28 3899
Dapsone 50mg Tabs 28 4450
Desmopressin Nasal Spray 1 2349
Exemestane Tabs 25mg 30 6500
Flecainide Tabs 50mg 60 1157
Flecainide Tabs 100mg 60 1653
Haloperidol Amp 5mg/ml 10 3500
Isosorbide Mononitrate Tabs 10mg 56 331
Isosorbide Mononitrate Tabs 20mg 56 400
Lamotrigine Disp Tabs 5mg 28 745
Leflunomide Tabs 10mg 30 835
Leflunomide Tabs 20mg 30 903
Levetiracetam Tabs 250mg 60 2801
Levetiracetam Tabs 500mg 60 4932
Levetiracetam Tabs 750mg 60 6500
Levetiracetam Tabs 1g 60 9534
Lorazepam Tabs 1mg 28 600
Lorazepam Tabs 2.5mg 28 1250
Mefenamic Acid Tabs 500mg 28 5500
Metronidazole Tabs 400mg 21 788
Mirtazapine Tabs 15mg 28 300
Mirtazapine Tabs 30mg 28 140
Mirtazapine Tabs 45mg 28 300
Naratriptan Tabs 2.5mg 6 2300
Nitrofurantoin Tabs 50mg 28 2050
Nitrofurantoin Tabs 100mg 28 907
Olanzapine tabs 2.5mg 28 1675
Olanzapine tabs 5mg 28 3325
Olanzapine tabs 7.5mg 56 13110 (from 1st May)
Olanzapine tabs 10mg 28 6992
Olanzapine tabs 15mg 28 8500
Olanzapine tabs 20mg 28 11000
Oxazepam Tabs 10mg 28 1997
Oxazepam 15mg Tabs 28 1997
Pramipexole Tabs 88mcg 30 1350
Procyclidine Tabs 5mg 28 1220
Quetiapine Tabs 25mg 60 2706
Quetiapine Tabs 100mg 60 9048
Quetiapine Tabs 150mg 60 7200
Quetiapine Tabs 200mg 60 9048
Quetiapine Tabs 300mg 60 13600
Rizatriptan 10mg Tabs 3 1337
Ropinirole Tabs 250mcg 12 570
Ropinirole Tabs 500mcg 28 1550
Ropinirole Tabs 1mg 84 5671
Ropinirole Tabs 2mg 28 2225
Ropinirole Tabs 5mg 84 16500
Sodium Cromoglycate Eye Drops 2% 13.5ml 972
Spironolactone Tabs 50mg 28 520
Sumatriptan Tabs 50mg 6 2800
Sumatriptan Tabs 100mg 6 3200
Terbinafine 250mg Tabs 14 1249
Tranexamic Acid Tabs 500mg 60 1430
Trazodone Caps 50mg 84 3050
Trazodone Caps 100mg 56 3650
Trazodone Tabs 150mg 28 2850
Valsartan Caps 40mg 28 770
Valsartan Caps 80mg 28 999
Valsartan Caps 160mg 28 1200
Zolmitriptan 2.5mg Tabs 6 1800
Zolmitriptan Orodispersible Tabs 2.5mg 6 1790

We continue to monitor the overall level of profit being achieved in order to ensure that the Margin Sharing Agreement is delivering the agreed level of profit to contractors.

Shortages Feedback Form

Please use our Shortage Reporter App to report problems experienced in obtaining generic medicines due to Shortages of Scottish Drug Tariff Part 7 Items. We regret that we cannot respond to reports on an individual basis.

Product Shortages and Adjusted Price Setting

CPS is aware of contractor concerns in the area of short supply products. This briefing provides some context around the short supply issue and can be accessed here.


If you have difficulty in obtaining any Part 7 items please let us know using our Shortage Reporter App. Keep an eye on our website during the month for any late additions which will be marked in bold.

List of Current Shortages

Drug Tariff Prices

Sucralfate Tablets and Suspension (brand name Antepsin™) Pack Size 50 - (still from 01/09/2014)

An unlicensed replacement product is available. Please see below for further information*

Sucralfate Suspension - Pack Size 250ml - (still from 01/09/2014)

An unlicensed replacement product is available. Please see below for further information*

Demeclocycline Hydrochloride Caps 150mg - Pack Size 28 - (brand name Ledermycin)

Invoice Price Now Accepted. Please endorse SP for item price and XP for any additional expenses incurred.

Nabilone 1mg Capsule

An unlicensed replacement product is available. Please see below for further information*
Nabilone 250mcg Capsule An unlicensed replacement product is available. Please see below for further information*


Since mid-2014 contractors have been unable to order the licensed version of sucralfate (antepsin) tablets and liquid. Due to the shortages Practitioner Services had placed the item on the short supply list and contractors were able to endorse the invoice price and be paid accordingly.

Circular PCA(P)(2015)17 described changes to the drug tariff in relation to unlicensed medicines and imports from 1st September 2015. In the FAQs issued there is guidance for when a licensed version of a product is unavailable and an unlicensed version is required.

Q: The prescriber has ordered a licensed product that is currently unobtainable, with no projected date of return to full supply. Can the contractor ask for a special formulation?

A: The contractor should discuss this with the NHS Board. It is possible that a contingency arrangement is in place, such as temporary supply from a NHS production unit. The NHS Board may confirm the supply situation with National Services Scotland (NSS). It is possible that more than one quote may be required if the product has to be made to order.

There is also reference made to being unable to get a product at the published price in part 1 of the drug tariff.

‘For lines outside of part 7 where the product is either physically unavailable or unavailable at the published price, the community pharmacy contractor should in the first instance contact the local NHS Board who may either agree a price for a single occasion or take steps to resolve the situation by a mutually agreeable route. Separate arrangements will be in place for lines in the Stoma List.’

We are aware that some Health Boards are contacting contractors for further information on the continued dispensing of this product without board authorisation. We would advise contractors to follow the advice above and request authorisation for this and any similar products. Once authorisation is granted it is valid for 12 months where the price paid does not vary by more than ±20%.

If you have any questions please get in touch with our Pharmacy Services team on or 0131 466 3540.