10/4/2018 - PCA(P)(2018)4

Balancing Payment for Global Sum

This circular advises of changes to the Drug Tariff with respect to remuneration arrangements for dispensing month March 2018, in particular the level of the dispensing pool balancing payment for that month.

6/4/2018 - PCA(P)(2018)3

Discount Clawback Rates

This circular advises community pharmacy contractors and NHS Boards on the amendments to the Drug Tariff Part 11 clawback scale for the dispensing months January – March 2018.

6/3/2018 - PCA(P)(2018)2

Supporting Quality Improvement

This Circular advises community pharmacy contractors and NHS Boards of initiatives to continue to strengthen and raise the profile of Quality Improvement activity within community pharmacy.

23/1/2018 - PCA(P)(2018)1

Staff Training

This circular provides community pharmacy contractors with details of the financial support being made available for staff training for the period 1 December 2017 – 31 March 2018.