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Pharmacy First for Community Pharmacist Prescribers in NHS Scotland

Monday, May 14, 2018

In accordance with the commitments made in the Scottish Government’s strategy ‘Achieving Excellence in Pharmaceutical Care’ NES Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy Scotland are delighted to announce a bespoke fully funded Independent Prescribing Course for Community Pharmacists in NHS Scotland. The intention of this education provision is to increase access to community pharmacy as the first port of call for managing self-limiting illnesses and supporting self-management of stable long-term conditions, in-hours and out-of-hours utilising independent prescribing skills.

With this new Scottish Government funding in addition to costs for the IP course and NES Clinical Assessment Skills courses, funding will also be available for locum fees for the 6 days at the University, 4 days for clinical assessment skills training and completion of the 90 hours experiential training as a part of the IP course.

The first course, for up to 25 community pharmacists, will commence on 14th January 2019 at the University of Strathclyde, with face to face training at the University between 8th-12th April and 3rd July 2019. The deadline for applications is 12th October 2018. The places will be filled on a first come first served basis.

As a part of this bespoke course, specifically targeted/designed at utilising prescribing within a Community Pharmacy setting, pharmacists will be required to fulfil certain conditions to support future use of the qualification including completion of 2 days clinical assessment skills training at a School of Medicine / Nursing and the recording of one patient consultation for peer review by NES Pharmacy. On qualification as an IP, pharmacists will also be expected to complete the NES Common Clinical Conditions course OR one of the NES Advanced Clinical Assessment skills courses.

Details relating to academic requirements for attending the IP course can be found on the University website.

To apply for funding please fill in the online application.

Prior to applying for the course, you must seek formal approval from your line manager and employer in relation to: 

  • Prescribing being an agreed development need for you
  • Agreement on the services you plan to deliver as a pharmacist prescriber within community pharmacy e.g. extension of MAS or of CMS
  • Release from the community pharmacy for all course dates and requirements including experiential training and clinical assessment skills training

You also must identify a General Practitioner to act as your Designated Medical Practitioner who will support your training and resultant implementation of prescribing into clinical practice. Further information on the role of the DMP is detailed in the DMP Handbook.

Following receipt of your application and after the closing date of the course, Community Pharmacy Scotland will be in contact with both applicants and their employers to ensure that the terms and conditions for the funding are understood by both parties and to approve applications. NES will communicate with all applicants by mid November 2018 and subsequent to this the University of Strathclyde will communicate all successful applicants to register for the IP course

Please contact Matt Barclay for further information or any queries