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Pharmacy First - Clarification for Pharmacies in Inverclyde

Thursday, December 14, 2017

With the roll out of the national Pharmacy First for uncomplicated UTIs and impetigo, we thought it was important to clarify the position for Inverclyde contractors until the end of the pilot, currently expected to be the end of March 2018.

Payment will continue as currently agreed and Inverclyde contractors will not receive any additional payment from the national funding until after the pilot ends.

For patients who attend for assessment with uncomplicated UTI or impetigo:

  • If they are registered with an Inverclyde GP, please use the existing Inverclyde Pharmacy First process
    • Register the patient for MAS in the appropriate category and then assess, treat or refer as appropriate
  • If the patient is not registered with an Inverclyde GP
    • Do not register the patient for MAS, but assess, treat or refer as appropriate under the PGD
    • Note the number of patients treated who were not eligible for the Inverclyde scheme and report to the Community Pharmacy Development Team at the end of March 2018

If you have any questions about this please contact the Community Pharmacy Development Team