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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Healthcare Improvement Scotland has produced a short, animated video to accompany the medicines booklet published in March 2017, Medicines in Scotland: What’s the right treatment for me?

The video is a resource to support the conversation between a patient and their healthcare professional about the best treatment for them, including whether to start a medicine in the first place, and taking into account the benefits and risks of the treatment options. This can be used to further support the conversations you are already having to help people get the very best out of their medication.

The video supports the ambitions of safe, effective and person-centred care in order to deliver reduced risk, less waste and better outcomes for patients. These ambitions were recently reinforced in the Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Reports 2014-2015 Realistic Medicine and 2015-2016 Realising Realistic Medicine, The National Clinical Strategy for Scotland and Prescription for Excellence.

The leaflets and video can be displayed in patient waiting areas or people can be directed to view it on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website.