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Items Not Collected or Not Dispensed

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We have previously sent out communications on the discrepancies between the electronically claimed information and that endorsed on paper.  Practitioner & Counter Fraud Services (P&CFS) continue to receive and reimburse for items which have not been collected or dispensed and where the paper prescription is endorsed NC or ND but the corresponding electronic endorsement has not been added.

Where electronic claim information is available, P&CFS use the electronic information as the primary source for reimbursement and in most cases the paper prescription is no longer seen.

When an electronic claim has been sent and there has been a change to the dispensing of the item, the claim should be cancelled or edited and changed to match what is then endorsed on paper then resubmitted. 

A change was introduced in March 2015 meaning there is no longer a time limit of 14 days to cancel, edit and re-submit the electronic message, therefore the message can be changed as often as required prior to submission of the paper prescription to avoid being paid in error.

Guidance on retrieving the electronic claim to either cancel, resubmit or amend the claim can be found in your PMR user manual.

Failure to amend the electronic claims could result in further investigation.

Additional information can be found in the endorsing guide and the P&CFS website.

For further advice or support please call Pharmacy Services on 0131 466 3540 or email