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Electronic Endorsing Reminder

Monday, January 7, 2019

Did you know that when you submit your prescriptions to Practitioner Services for payment, barcoded GP10 prescriptions are paid using only the electronic claim where it is available? If you need to change the electronic claim for any reason you can do so by cancelling the electronic claim, amending it and resubmitting it ideally while the prescription is in the pharmacy or it could even be done up to 14 days after the prescription has been sent to PSD so long as it has not already been processed for payment!

This is really helpful for prescriptions which are not dispensed or not collected where both paper and electronic messages should be amended as per the endorsing guide. If you decide not to dispense an item or if the patient doesn’t collect and if the paper form is not to hand, you can still adjust the electronic claim to ensure accurate payment.

You can find out more on our Quick Guide to Accurate Payments.