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Did you know that you can receive additional funding for hosting Undergraduate students in 2018/19?

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

In September 2018 Scottish Government announced that funding would be made available for the Additional Cost of Teaching (ACT) to support student pharmacists’ Experiential Learning (EL) organised through the Schools of Pharmacy as part of the undergraduate curriculum.  This funding will provide dedicated resource to support the additional cost of experiential learning for undergraduate pharmacy students within pharmacy practice and to assist the profession to expand and enhance the quality of experiential learning (EL) in hospital, community and primary care settings.

NES has been asked by Scottish Government to administer and manage Pharmacy ACT monies in collaboration with the University and EL sites.

If you have agreed to host a student pharmacist for EL in the academic year 2018/19. Because of the release of Pharmacy ACT monies, you may now be eligible to receive an ACT contribution for providing EL within this academic year.

NES are offering a ‘Preparation for Facilitating Experiential Learning (PFEL) payment for EL facilitators directly involved in student pharmacist EL. This involves completion of an e-learning package, attendance at a full day training event and preparation of support staff and workload.  Any Pharmacist who is involved in facilitating the student pharmacist’s learning and giving feedback on student pharmacists’ EL will be expected to complete this PFEL package to claim any ACT contributions.

A PFEL fee will be paid to the pharmacy owner (for EL in community pharmacy) or Health Board (for EL in hospitals and primary care) for each facilitator who undertakes the above training and preparation. Travel and accommodation (if appropriate) fees will also be paid for attendance at training events. Full day training events will be available in November 2018, January, February and March 2019 in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Aberdeen.

More detail of ACT, is available on:

To express interest in this new initiative, and receive more details about ACT contributions you may be able to claim in the academic year 2018/19, please contact as soon as possible!