Pharmacy Leaflets

Why do I need a Pharmacy Leaflet?

As part of the pharmacy contract in Scotland, it is a contractual requirement for all pharmacies to have a practice leaflet.

We have produced a template leaflet for our members which meets all the requirements of the contract.

To request a draft leaflet design for your pharmacy please read the information below and then click the 'Design my leaflet' button at the bottom of this page. Once your leaflet request has been received we will design a draft and send it over to you by email for approval.

What are the benefits?

  • It is an ideal way for you to communicate to local people the services you offer.
  • To advise patients about new services and how to access them.

How should I use it ?

  • Display the leaflet clearly within the pharmacy to promote your services to patients.
  • Place your leaflets in local GP Surgeries and with patient support groups.

Why use CPS ?

To save you time writing, designing, producing and printing a leaflet, we have produced a template leaflet for our member that will meet all the requirements of the contract. All you need to do is complete the online pharmacy leaflet design form with your pharmacy details and the services you are offering and we will produce a draft leaflet for you.

Please note that it may take up to ten working days to get a draft design sent to you during periods of high demand.

If you proceed with the order, our printers will invoice your pharmacy directly for the cost of printing and delivery (the delivery charge is normally between £10-£15). See below for a list of the printing costs.

What are the costs ?

The only cost is for the printing and delivery of your leaflets - there is no design fee. Please note that prices may vary slightly from those noted below but we will inform you of any changes before your order is confirmed. A delivery charge of between £10-£15 will also be added to your final total.

Pharmacy leaflets are printed colour both sides and folded from A4 to a finished size of 99x210mm.

Quantity Price Cost per leaflet
300 £86.03 29p
400 £101.03 25p
500 £117.53 24p
600 £136.50 23p
700 £152.76 22p
800 £168.51 21p
900 £183.76 20p
1,000 £198.50 29p
1,500 £283.98 19p
2,000 £348.46 17p
2,500 £408.09 16p
3,000 £452.57 15p
3,500 £487.04 14p
4,000 £511.52 13p
4,500 £564.90 13p
5,000 £610.63 12p

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