We’re building a new website… an improved user experience awaits!

Graham Le Tissier

Monday, April 29, 2019

We are extremely excited to announce that we are building a new website! Our current award-winning website was launched in 2015 and it’s proven to be a vital resource for our members.

But why change now?

Our New Website Launch

You said... we did

Your feedback from our communication survey last year has played a major part - you asked for a more user-friendly website and we feel now is the right time to deliver a better user experience and build on our current website’s success.

At Community Pharmacy Scotland we continuously strive to be better than before through improving our services and developing innovative tools. This means that we can continue to support you to deliver excellent healthcare to the population of Scotland.

What can you expect from our new website?

Our ultimate goal is for our website to be more user-friendly and packed full of resources, so it continues to be the go-to place for the latest community pharmacy news.

We have created a new strategy to improve our website. We’re opting for a clean, modern look which will be built with a superior search capability. We will put more focus on the most important news stories which impact community pharmacy in Scotland but still make sure you can easily access your favourite apps like Part 7, Shortages & Vacancies no matter where you are on our site.

Whilst we would love for you to take a tour round our new website when it launches to discover our newly designed webpages and features, we understand that you may be a ‘tad’ rushed off your feet delivering vital services to your patients! You’re going to need to find the information that you are looking for easily & quickly, right? It’s our role to make that as easy and as fast as possible by deploying the latest in search engine optimisation techniques.

We do this by tweaking the way in which we write articles and tagging every bit of content with keywords that you would use in your search, given to us by our resident pharmacists. These are just two examples of the work the web team will be carrying out to create the superior search capability. This strategy will be of great importance moving forward and will be a continuous process but we’re confident that you will see the difference and ultimately feel the benefit.

Getting ready to launch

We have yet to confirm the date the website will go live as we want to make sure it’s just right and there is much to do before we launch. We have signed off the visuals and the developers are now working on these and in the meantime, we are almost done rewriting the content.

We are looking at innovative ways of promoting the launch, stopping short of hiking to the top of Ben Nevis exclaiming wildly for everyone to hear. Keep an eye out for our social media campaigns and we will update you with further blogs and latest news stories on our current website.

We’re in search of a social media street team!

One promotional strategy is to build a social media ‘Street Team’. The idea is to create a community of willing volunteers to help spread the word on launch day. Volunteers will be privy to sneak peeks, early access & will be the first to know of any new developments. All we ask in return is, on launch day, that you take to social media and let everyone know about our new website. I am heading up our social media street team, if you’d like to get involved in the launch, please drop me an email –

We look forward to bringing you more news about the website launch soon!