Four Consultations You Don't Want To Miss

Amanda, Head of Policy & Development

Friday, December 23, 2016

We have been busy keeping up to date with upcoming consultations relating to Community Pharmacy, so we can agree a response with the Board and the community pharmacy network can have its say on all manner of affairs that could affect your teams. We knew there were two consultations due soon from the GPhC, so you can imagine our surprise when we found that no less than four consultations were launched this month! This will keep us busy and give the Board some food for thought at the January and February meetings when they consider and agree the response from CPS.

The topics are all very relevant to Community Pharmacy, and how the profession we work in might change in the future. This is something we all want to have an influence on, so please read on and feel free to get involved!

Supervising Independent Prescriber Training Consultation

First off, we have the Supervising Independent Prescriber Training consultation. This is a discussion proposing how a qualified Pharmacist Independent Prescriber (PIP) could sign off PIP Trainees instead of a GP as is currently the case. This is one I am sure a lot of you will have thoughts on. The deadline for responses is the 1st of February 2017.

Education and Training Standards for Pharmacy Technicians

The second one is reviewing the Education and Training Standards for Pharmacy Technicians. Again, a topic where many of you will have some thoughts and inputs. This one will close on the 1st of March.

Religeous and Personal Values & Beliefs of Pharmacists

The third one is open until the 7th of March and looks at the Religious and Personal Values & Beliefs of Pharmacists, and how this impacts on practice.

Threshold Criteria

The final one is a change to the Threshold Criteria. For me, this is a big consultation. In my experience, many pharmacists are not aware of the Threshold Criteria applied to incident referral by the GPhC. You can have a look to see how the criteria might change and get in a bit of CPD too.

We will draw up a response to all of these consultations, and will add them to our website once complete and signed off by the Board. If you want to send us any thoughts please send them to Adam or Amanda. You can also send in your own response directly if you want to.