Bringing the Endorsing Guide to Life

Emma Taylor

Monday, April 16, 2018

Some of you may or may not know Sandra Tomsett at Practitioner & Counter Fraud Services (P&CFS).  She has held positions ranging from “keying what you see” in the Pricing Bureau back when she first started out to her current position of 13 years as a Business Change Manager in the ePharmacy Programme.  I myself was lucky enough to sit next to her when I worked in Pharmacy Payments, there was always a smile present and a wealth of knowledge that came along with it and for that, Sandra, I am very appreciative.

After 37 years, give or take, the legacy of Sandra and the work that she does is coming to an end. 

In her current role she has delivered well in excess of 50 presentations up and down the country around the endorsing guide and the journey of a prescription on behalf of P&CFS

As her parting gift Sandra tasked herself to bring to the big screen her presentation so that the message can live on and fortunately was kind enough to include CPS in the project. 

With Sandra as captain, Nicola, video editor extraordinaire, at the helm and myself, the parrot squawking “flexible claiming” this and “special price endorsement” that, we started the voyage of bringing it to life.  Along the journey our ship mates Douglas, who is taking on the role of captain when Sandra leaves, and Thana our checking co-ordinator here at CPS joined us.

The 20 minute video contains everything from electronic claiming, the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices, helpful tips on endorsing and much more.  Whether it be used for an induction to new members of your team, pre-registration students or just a refresher to support the knowledge you already hold, our aim is to support you further on everyday endorsing and accurate claiming of items for reimbursement. 

If you have any questions about the video and its contents please do not hesitate to contact one of the team in Pharmacy Services here at CPS on 0131 466 3540 or email

Lastly from us all here at CPS and our Members, we wish Sandra and Dave the most amazing retirement and hope that your adventures with Benji, your new four-legged friend, are full of happiness.