After 35 years’ Service with Community Pharmacy Scotland

Friday, April 26, 2019

I started my working life with the organisation which was then called the Pharmaceutical General Council in August 1984. The organisation changed names along the way firstly to the Scottish Pharmaceutical General Council and later to Community Pharmacy Scotland. I am now retiring from Community Pharmacy Scotland (CPS) in April 2019 and what follows is a brief summary of my 35 years’ service within CPS.

I started on a temporary basis to assist with a survey the details of which I cannot remember, that’s what happens when you get older!!! I was then kept on a permanent basis as a prescription price checker.

The prescription checking process was very different back then as we did not have computers, we used a Kardex which contained all the prices of the drugs and we wrote up our own errors. We did eventually move to computers which made life a lot easier and we were able to print an error schedule which listed all the errors.

One of the best memories I will take from my early days in the office, which was situated in York Place in Edinburgh, will be the view from the second-floor kitchen window which looked out over the rooftops to the Firth of Forth and Fife.

In 1995 the office moved to Queen Street, in Edinburgh where I continued to check prescriptions. At the back of the office is a small garden space where a bird station feeder was erected courtesy of our Healthy Working Life Group as they were known at the time and are now known as Health & Wellbeing Group. I found it therapeutic looking after the birds by providing water, peanuts and fat balls. I also enjoyed a trip to the theatre, courtesy of the group, to see Warhorse a mesmerising show leaving a lasting impression on me. Magic!

Back in time once we had completed the monthly mailings, we had to transport the Royal mail bags to the post office, just around the corner from the office, to do this I used to take the bags on a barrow with help from colleagues.

Then another survey came along which I have been involved in right up to my last working day with CPS. It was originally called the Discount Spot Check then it was renamed the Quarterly Pricing Enquiry.

I have also been lucky to have still been around long enough to be able to use our new Database, which has just recently been unleashed on us, for the prescription price checking process.

We have so much more data at our fingertips which will assist our members to be the best they can be for the future.

I have been lucky enough to have celebrated the milestone of 25 years’ service in 2009 and the centenary anniversary in 2012 with Community Pharmacy Scotland.

I have worked alongside lots of lovely colleagues and I have many happy and treasured memories which I will take from my whole working life.


I could never have imagined that I would end up writing a blog to end my working life, it is never too late to learn!!