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In order for CPS to support our members be the best they can be we have created a set of brand values which will help us and our contractors deliver the best possible pharmaceutical care to their patients.

Community Pharmacy Scotland is the organisation which represents community pharmacy owners throughout Scotland in almost every aspect of their working lives, and is the voice of these vital healthcare professionals north of the Border, as they deliver pharmaceutical care to the people of Scotland. About -test

Through their own unique skills and professional expertise, Community Pharmacists are increasingly important front-line healthcare providers in the modern NHS - as health educators, as primary care health campaigners, and as the best-qualified experts in the most effective use of medicines and drug technology.

The new-look organisation, formerly the Scottish Pharmaceutical General Council (SPGC), takes a proactive, open-door approach to better reflect the changing and developing role of its members.

Key to that will be working with Government, the Scottish Executive Health Department, NHS Scotland, NHS Boards and other stakeholders to develop new pharmaceutical care services and to ensure that the framework exists to allow the owners of Scotland's 1254 community pharmacies to deliver these services.

Community Pharmacy is at the heart of every community and plays an important part in the drive to ensure the health professions can provide the services the people of Scotland need and deserve.

Pharmacy VisitScottish Community Pharmacists are independent contractors who supply pharmaceutical services to the Scottish NHS. Community Pharmacy Scotland is the recognised body, which negotiates with the Scottish Executive Health Department on behalf of all pharmacy contractors, the terms and conditions of service and their remuneration and reimbursement for the provision of NHS pharmaceutical services.

Our organisation also provides information and advice to Scotland’s 1254 community pharmacists in respect of any matter concerning the provision of such services. Community Pharmacy Scotland also undertakes the role of engaging with members of the Scottish Parliament, Health Boards and other relevant bodies both in Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom in promoting, representing and safeguarding the interests of Scottish Pharmacy.

We are keen to continue to build a high visibility presence with the general public in promoting the role, which Community Pharmacy can fulfil in delivering, alongside other healthcare professionals, a modernised Pharmacy Care Service at a time of major change within NHS Scotland.

Community Pharmacy Scotland employs 19 members of staff led by a Chief Executive who reports to the Board, which is the body that directs the affairs of the Council.

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