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  • Pharmacy First Update

    You may already be aware of the movement of UTI and Impetigo Pharmacy First services into the central Global Sum funding. This has the advantage of se…

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  • CMS Ready_Reckoner

    The CMS Ready Reckoner has now been updated (27/05/19) and is now available to download.

    If you have any questions or issues regarding CMS or the Read…

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  • Applications open for CPHB Associate Members

    Following our recent elections, some CPHB Committees still have vacancies available for Associate Members for the new term 2019-2022. Any Associate Me…

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  • Microgynon / Ovranette Supply Issue

    The Department of Health have issued the following notice which is applicable across the whole UK supply chain. The manufacturer of the products conce…

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  • PCR Version 13.2 goes live on Wednesday 22nd May

    The latest version of the Pharmacy Care Record is due to go live this week, delivering new and improved functionality that you can read about in this …

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  • Circular PCA(P)(2019)10

    This Circular advises community pharmacy contractors that as of 1st April 2018 paramedics can become an independent prescriber within NHS Scotland and…

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  • Epanutin Supply Issues

    We have received notification that Pfizer are currently experiencing supply issues with Epanutin Infatabs 50mg Chewable Tablets and have been granted …

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  • CPS Council Meeting: Follow our updates on Twitter today

    The CPS Council Meeting is taking place today (Wednesday 15th May). Follow the action on Twitter and join in the conversation using #cpscouncil

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  • PCA(P)(2019)8 - Drug Tariff Part 11 Discount Clawback Scale

    This circular advises community pharmacy contractors and NHS Boards on the amendments to the Drug Tariff Part 11 clawback scale for the dispensing mon…

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  • Operational Logbook May 2019

    The Operational Logbook for May 2019 is now available to download. 

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