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  • CMS Ready Reckoner

    CMS Ready Reckoner (18/6/2018) is now available to download.

    If you have any questions about the Ready Reckoner please email Shaun Cowan.

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  • Funding Arrangements 18-19

    This circular outlines the 18-19 financial package for the pharmacy network. This is accompanied by our press release.

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  • NSAIDs Toolkit Reorder Form Deadline

    If you need any additional NSAID stickers, Safety Information cards and Medicine Sick Day Rules cards, please remember to submit your NSAIDs toolkit r…

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  • MAS Survey: What's in the pack?

    We have had some feedback from a couple of pharmacies who have received their MAS survey packs to ask if they could please find out what is in the pac…

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  • Minor Ailment Service Survey

    By next Friday (8th June) your pharmacy will have received this very important pack in the post that contains the Minor Ailment Service Questionnaires…

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  • Drug Tariff Line Changes for 1st June

    Contractors should note the list of Drug Tariff changes which take effect from 1st June.

    All members should ensure that May Prescriptions including t…

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  • Operational Logbook June 2018

    The Operational Logbook for June 2018 is now available to download.

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  • Diamorphine Supply Issues

    The Department of Health and Social Care have provided notification of a manufacturing problem with Diamorphine 5mg and 10mg injection. There are curr…

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  • GDPR Update: Parcelforce courier service

    We have received several enquiries with regards to seeking assurances about data protection from Parcelforce, as they clearly are responsible for hand…

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  • GDPR Pack Update

    Following the recent update to our advice on the Data Protection Officer role, we have updated the four parts of our GDPR pack, which you can find at …

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